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Erickson Coaching pioneers ICF-accredited coach training and human development in North America and globally.

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Inspire transformational change in others as a coach

Learn what Solution-Focused Coaching is and isn’t!

  • Explore how coaching compares to counselling, consulting, and mentoring
  • See the skills you need to learn to be a coach
  • Map out your journey to professional coaching
  • View the measurable benefits of coaching
7 Reasons To Choose Erickson

Learn why 55 000+ coaches worldwide choose Erickson.

ICF Certification

Learn about ICF certification process for coaches.

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The World Game Coaching Movement

The World Game’s mission is to unite Coaches World Wide.

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Coaching books written by our Founder – Marilyn Atkinson.

Create transformational change in your team and organization

Learn what Solution-Focused Coaching can do for team performance and company culture!

  • Learn why coaching skills are crucial for company growth
  • Find out how top leaders use coaching to benefit teams
  • See how organizations retain top talent with coaching

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Search our global directory of Erickson trained professional coaches.

What Makes Erickson Different

Find out what makes Erickson coach training different and how we empower you to succeed as a coach.

What It’s Like to Learn Online?

Find out why online coach training is not all created equal and the unique benefits of our cutting-edge online platform.

7 Reasons To Choose Erickson

Learn why 45,000+ coaches worldwide choose Erickson.

ICF Certification

Learn about ICF certification process for coaches.

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Read real feedback shared by our graduates.

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