Magdalena Giec

Magdalena Giec has been a part of Erickson International Mentor Team since 2011. As a mentor she works with Polish, French and English speaking coaches. She teaches The Art & Science of Coaching and Module V in France, Quebec in Canada and Bulgaria.

Fascinated by the impact of human voice on creative states of the brain she helps her mentees to find their natural voice of True Friend, Wizard, Wise Elder and Enlightened Warrior and use them consciously in different phases of a coaching session.

With over 15 years of experience in personal development Magda began her coaching career as a life coach. She evolved into a leadership and executive coach and successfully serves clients from a highly innovative IT world. Agile coaching for self-organizing teams is becoming her new area of expertise.

As a public speaking and presentation coach she often introduces work with a camcorder into her coaching sessions which enables business leaders to enhance their inner power and authenticity. As a result they are able to impact their people and environments more effectively and on a much deeper level. Magda’s mission as a coach is to make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy elegant.

Professional Qualifications:

– ICF Professional Certified Coach
– Erickson Professional Certified Coach
– Master of Business Administration (Georgia State University in Atlanta)
– Masters Degree in French Literature
– Many other human development, trainer, and self-awareness classes

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