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The Art & Science of Coaching

Сертифицирайте се като професионален коуч с
"Изкуството и Науката в коучинга"

Изкуството и науката в коучинга / The Art and Science of Coaching е програма за обучение на коучинг професионалисти, акредитирана от Международната Коучинг Федерация (ICF), една от водещите институции в света и единствената представена в България до момента.

This program is perfect for everyone who has the mindset to develop people by building a career in the field of corporate or invidual coaching - be it job related or life coaching. The course helps people and teams connect, live and work with commitment and motivation.

Regardless of the fact if you are a corporate manager/ leader with the ambition to develop through coaching culture and practice or you are an expert who desires to become a professional coach, this program is perfect for you.

Start building your coaching practice as soon as the course ends! Support the people in your team develop and reveal their talents! Or work with individual clients who want to meet their goals and make their dreams come true - both in business and in personal life!

Erickson Coaching International?

- The course implements special approach focused on decision making and includes powerful tools which lead to excellent coaching results.

- The program will give you a whole toolbox of coaching instruments and techniques.

- You graduate with a certificate by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
ICF regulates the standards for all training organizations for coaching which need to ensure high quality education so that every new coach meets the basic professional competencies.

- You gain knowledge and practical skills by world known certified and highly professional trainers with long years of experience in providing Erickson training courses.

- You take part in a program with more than 36-year history, being graduated by more than 45 000 people from all over the world.

- We provide effective and professional training for future coaches - you can always rely on us for support!

- The course will give you structure based on powerful and effective question asking. This structure refers to the way human beings think and uses a way of expressing which most effectively builds specific, tangible, achievable and realistic results in a set timeframe.

- Each module includes intensive whole-day trainig, using practical exercises and lectures after which you will be capable of applying the learned into practice. The full course is in four modules.

Payment Conditions

Everyone who wants to take part in the program can benefit from a personally built payment plan with flexibale conditions depending on participation preferences - taking part in one module, two modules or in the whole program.

Contact us and benefit from special fee offers and discounts.
Тел : +359 882 351 804 / +359 888 813 281

This is some of the feedback our Erickson Coaching participants share:
Erickson Coaching International:

This course changed my life! I feel perfect! I'm so excited with all the opportunities I see before me. I'm so eager to deepen my knowledge and take part in the next Erickson courses.

Modules 1 and 2 were amazing! The knowledge I gained about the Erickson principles in coaching have influenced me and deepened my self development as a professional and person. Modules 3 and 4 were perfect. They have given me more insights about my vision and the application of the methods in my relationships wiht my clients.

I believe everything we learned in the course is very useful and complies with the goals I have set to myself - to help people and become a coach!

+359 882 351 804
+359 888 813 281

Changing the world one conversation at a time...

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