High Performance Team Coaching

Станете сертифизиран Ериксoн коуч!

Presented by Marilyn Atkinson

The highly-efficient team coaching program helped team managers and executives around the world implement our specific value-based tools to improve innovation and strategic thinking.

This course explores and defines the structure and principles of team dynamics to achieve clear, consistent and measurable results. Redirecting members of the team of competitiveness to mutual trust and respect is of paramount importance for the successful completion of business goals. You will be surprised by the difference that a 24-hour investment can make to your team's efficiency, relationships and efficiency!

Align and motivate teams to achieve set goals.

The on-site program is a 3-day course (21 class hours), which is available through an intensive seminar.

Training is appropriate for people who are in the role of:

  1. team and project leaders
  2. HR managers and Business Partners
  3. internal facilitators and all who achieve goals by interacting with their teams.

The program focuses on:

- approaches to uniting around common vision, goals, team mission - managing conflicts in the team - facilitation and transparency of group relationships - use of visual techniques for effective decision making - my role as a leader and study of the psychology of group processes and relationships.

The program extends the competencies and awareness of the participants in the direction of:

 1.  Основани на ценности и специфични подходи за повишаване на креативността и развиване на стратигеско мислене на екипите
 2. Определяне на структурата и принципи на иновативност посредством групува динамика и последователно дефиниране на ясни и измерими цели.
 3. Изграждане на екипно доверие, сплотеност и зачитане приноса на другия.
 4.  Постигане на групова ефективност.

Special Features:

  • ICF CCEU credits (14hrs)
  • Erickson coach certificate
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