Continuing Coach Training

Continuing Coaching (CCE) is intended for coaching training organizations who would like to receive the ICF accreditation. CCE is considered to be an advanced and advanced education for those who wish to acquire new methods and / or those who update their ICF certificates. Coaching Continuing Education Certificates (CCEs) are obtained at the completion of the continuing education. CCE credit units are obtained in two ways:

  • Key Competences: Advanced coaching training that directly concerns or extends ICF's core competencies
  • Resource development: Training of skills that contribute to the professional development of the coach (eg Personal Development, Training Tools or Assessments, Business Building or other material that falls outside the ICF Core Competencies)

If you provide training that only meets the conditions for resource development CCE (personal development training, appraisals or training tools, business building or other material that does not fall under the core competency of ICF), you are not eligible for a accreditation of the CCE program.

You will not get the same privileges as an officially accredited CCE provider (ie permission to use the CCE logo and registration in the ICF training program search service).

You can assign RD CCE units through your own certificate, letter or email to the student name, event / class name, date and number of hours completed.

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