17-19 November, Sofia, onsite in English

ICF-CCEThis program will move you to the next stage of understanding the mind and experiencing the universe on new unexpected levels. Principles of quantum physics, combined with four quadrant thinking provide a framework for a new level of decision making, planning, systemic self-development and transformational coaching.

Four Ouadrant Ouantum Thinking is recognized by the International Coach Federation ICF) as a course supplying a total of 28 hours of Continuing Coaching Education Units (23 ICF Core Competencies).

You will walk away with:

  • A tool set for effective thinking and unbiaseddecision making
  • The ability to solve difficult tasks that areresistant to solutions
  • The ability to access and conquer the obstacles brought to us by the complexity of life
  • An advanced system for longterm and short-term planning based on the particle wave duality
  • Understanding about connections between thinking and coaching on one side and quantum physics and mathematics on the other side
  • Tools and exercises for self-development, self-coaching and transformational coaching of clients
  • An effective system for creating a personal life philosophy and a clear picture of reality
  • Tools for higher generation mind mapping

Why exactly four quadrants and not three or five? Physics is based on symmetry and relationships, thesame is true for everything else in the universe. Reality is beingreflected and co-created by our mind.

We will look at the particle side and wave side of quantum reality and see how it connects with our thoughts and our internalreality. We will explore the basic paradoxes of quantum mechanics as well as some ways of using them for dealing with paradoxes presented to us by life.

Peter-Stefanyi The Trainer: Peter Stefanyi, Ph.D., MCC Peter Stefanyi has been aligned with Erickson Coaching International since 2008 and he is a facilitator of Coaching Powerfull Negotiations and Four Quadrant Quantum Thinking worldwide. Originally a physicist Peter ventured  into business world and had several successful careers in business consulting, change management as well as running his own businesses in production, financial services and human resources.  This gave him a rich opportunity to master the art of negotiations and close a plethora of deals. The last deal of note was a sale of his own HR company with 350 employees in 2020 just two months before Covid hit the market with full force. During his career as a change manager Peter discovered the power of coaching and later become a coach and trainer of advanced programs for coaches.  He took systems thinking as well as the art of negotiations to a new level and trains negotiations and advanced patterns of systems and non-linear thinking since 2011. Peter coaches executives in production mainly in automotive industry around Europe and trains leadership skills to  first line managers in production companies. The duality of Mind and Matter is a life long fascination and a source of continuing quest for knowledge, relations, awareness and wisdom. Peter brings the wonders of quantum physics and mathematics into the real life for people and assists  them to expand their minds to new and unexpected areas. He co-authored two books Dynamic Intelligence I and II  with Marilyn Atkinson. Peter climbs rocks and mountains. Professional qualifications: *Ph.D in physics *Diploma in Business Administration *Master Certified Coach (MCC) with ICF *Mentor coach

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