Обогатяване на емоционалната интелигентност

Move Beyond Your Emotional Past and Self-Limiting Beliefs

As a participant of the Expanding Emotional Intelligence course, you will learn nine simple ways to develop your Emotional Intelligence (EI) and be empowered to create better relationships in all aspects of your life. These nine habits will help you to shift from feeling guarded and entangled to feeling centered, open and self-empowered.

The effective techniques in this course are designed to help you leave behind limiting stories and discover peace around your emotional history. By taking the Expanding Emotional Intelligence training, you will also learn how to let go of self-limiting habits – and discover an increased sense of playfulness and inner serenity. Who is this program for?

This course is for life-long learners that are wanting to improve their emotional flexibility and broaden the way they experience emotional responsiveness in their life. It is designed to foster ongoing development to increase life satisfaction and well-being. It is for helping professions and for coaches wanting to develop multifacetedness in serving others towards greater potential.

This course is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 20 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) units (8.75 Core Competencies, 11.25 Resource Development).

Why Emotional Intelligence?

The capacity and possibility of recognizing and exploring your own emotions is a fundamental way to having emotional intelligence. A natural harmony and balance with our emotions can keep us flexible and oriented towards growth. This can lead to improved relationships and life satisfaction. When emotional intelligence is present, we discern how others respond to us and in turn respond with less stress, which leads to less reacting from triggers and beliefs. This course explores how to advance the many levels of emotional intelligence.

For the past 15 years, Erickson Coaching International has successfully taught Expanding Emotional Intelligence (previously known as Freedom to Love) worldwide. The course has been recently updated to incorporate the latest findings within Emotional Intelligence science.

Benefits of Expanding Emotional Intelligence for Coaches:

– Learn how to integrate the latest findings of Emotional Intelligence into your work as a coach – Develop an additional skillset and knowledge in working with emotions and relationships – Specialize in stress management and emotional balance in your coaching practice – Demonstrate tools and processes that allow working effectively with emotional issues in coaching sessions – Help your coachee to discover a witnessing capacity around their emotional reactions and support their ongoing learning and inner growth – Learn self-care techniques to establish your own emotional stability and ease when working with a variety of emotional facets – Create practices that support emotional resilience as a coach and be able to self-coach through emotional challenges allowing you to be at your best

Benefits of Expanding Emotional Intelligence for personal development:

– Create emotional shifts within yourself and support others in transforming limiting emotions – Explore and resolve stressful triggers and dissolve enmeshment – Develop emotional flexibility and change emotional habits and fixations – Expand your habit of gratitude by exploring contexts of appreciation – Extend your sense of self by incorporating resources that open your world view – Unfold and release limiting childhood conclusions and decisions that restrict self-recognition – Practice forgiveness and ease in relating with yourself and others

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