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Support Relationships to Align with Values & Vision

The Art & Science of Couples Coaching is a Solution-Focused model that provides specialization in the field of couple and family coaching, and continuing professional development for Coaches wanting to specialize in this area.

The context of couples coaching is the work with people who are in a committed relationship, engaged or married.

If you have an interest in powerfully coaching and assisting couples, and learn about Solution-Focused methods, this 3-day on-site course focuses on results and methods to bring harmony to relationships.

Learn to assist couples to achieve the joy, intimacy, and fulfillment they desire. Expand their capacity for learning about each other and support them in implementing a supporting framework and tools further, to develop positive listening, powerful questioning and goal achievement.

Who this program is for?

This program is for coaches with experience and background in coaching, who wish to develop a specific niche of couples coaching and family coaching and has the following prerequisite, either completion of the Art & Science of Coaching Module I-IV, Module I with previous Couples Coaching experience, or proof of Coaching certification from a coach training school. Please contact us with further questions.


1. Modules I-IV of The Art & Science of Coaching, or

2. Module I with previous couples coaching experience, or

3. Proof of certification from another coaching school.

The Art & Science of Couples Coaching course is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 20 hours of Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) units (12 Core Competencies, 8 Resource Development).

In The Art & Science of Couples Coaching, you will learn how to:

– Explore family developmental habits

– Support couples in rediscovering love and appreciation

– Engage in a Solution-Focused couples coaching approach

– Elicit agreement with the couple on relationship values and vision

– Conduct aligned conversations for couples to help them reconnect

– Allow forgiveness in the family system

A couples coach has a view that is inclusive and lets couples establish a platform of trust so that deepening inner conversations emerge and open towards maturity and evolution. Being a couples coach involves focusing on shifting the habitual patterns of relationship dynamics and effortlessly providing self-coaching tools.

In this unique niche and specialization you can contribute to couples wanting to align their goals, consciously share their value systems, find agreements and deepen connection through aware present moment communication. This strengthens the relationship when it gets challenging.

Benefits of The Art & Science of Couples Coaching for Coaches:

– Learn how to apply the Solution-Focused coaching model to work with couples effectively

– Extend your skill set from working with an individual to couples and family systems

– Transition from a one-on-one coaching perspective to a couple’s coaching framework by being able to encompass more viewpoints

– Specialize in this specific niche and recognize challenges and common topics of coaching couples

– Demonstrate your confidence and ability to meaningfully work with the coachee’s family members and/or significant other if conflicts arise

– Help the couple to use coaching tools and find ways to support their vision of the relationship

– Assist couples to reframe current challenges into an ongoing learning and development journey and support them to have meaningful conversations

Benefits of The Art & Science of Couples Coaching for personal development:

– Inspire couples to find and develop positive metaphors for deepening commitment and overcoming reactive behavioural patterns

– Facilitate a couples interview to determine the topics of which coaching is required and what coaching processes would be most effective

– Assist couples to move past problem thinking and develop solution-focused communication approaches

– Create experiences for couples to deepen their bond and develop an authentic appreciation for one another

– Design coaching sessions to develop a momentum of positive changes

– Create powerful redefinitions of the couple’s behaviours to assist them to communicate and interact more effectively

– Develop charters, the mutually agreed-upon guidelines for positive interaction

– Offer processes to assist members of a couple to shift from codependency to interdependence

– Conduct coaching sessions to assist couples in developing and implementing a combined vision of future harmonious relating

– Assist couples to develop rituals for promoting stability and positive futures

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